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A Hetalia approaches you and does something.
Then you do something. Then he does something.
Then he says something about loving you and about you being beautiful in his language because he thinks you don't understand him.
But you do.
It was probably Romano.
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If we were evil by NotACrapWasGiven If we were evil :iconnotacrapwasgiven:NotACrapWasGiven 1 12 WRRRLOW SMRRRRRRTH by NotACrapWasGiven WRRRLOW SMRRRRRRTH :iconnotacrapwasgiven:NotACrapWasGiven 1 10
This is a haiku
A haiku about haikus
Yes. It's a haiku.
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Fanfic Writer's Meme by NotACrapWasGiven Fanfic Writer's Meme :iconnotacrapwasgiven:NotACrapWasGiven 0 0
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Quarter Quell- 1
I'm up early—even earlier than usual today—wandering the streets with nothing to do. I know we're supposed to dress nice for the Selection—that's what they're calling it this year, instead of Reaping—but I'm wearing my usual clothes, plain and black. My hair isn't even tied back.
I feel a tap on my shoulder and jump about a mile high before I whip around and see Sterling. "Jumpy?" he asks, although his voice lacks the light, joking air I recognize.
"Yeah," I reply, "a little."
"I brought breakfast," he says quietly. He holds up a small loaf of bread and tries to smile. He breaks off half for me.
"D-did you steal it?" I ask. Since the night I heard my mother out begging for people to vote for someone else, we've been holding back on our stealing. We figured it would impress the voters.
"Yes," he replies, pushing my half into my hand.
I try to give it back, but he says, "Everyone's already voted. It won't make a difference."
I suppose he's right, but I'm still not hun
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Quarter Quell- Prologue
I wake up in the middle of the night, out of my mind with fear. I don't know what I'm afraid of. But I'm terrified.
"Mother," I gasp, "mother..." My voice seems to echo around the empty house. "Mother..." I whisper.
I sit up in bed and look around. "Mother?"
I tear out of bed, I'm tangled in my bedsheets but not letting that stop me. I'm now on my knees at my mother's bed, but it's empty.
I force myself to my feet and walk to the door.
I ease the door open and look out into the street. "Mother?"
I see her. Talking to someone. Begging to them.
"Please," she sobs. "Please. Poplar can't help it... please..."
What are they talking about? And then, it's like a smack in the face. I think back to the program from last night, mandatory viewing.
"As a reminder to the rebels that their children were dying because of their choice to initiate violence, this year, on the first Quarter Quell, we will vote for our tributes," the President had said.
My mother is out begging people not to vote for me.
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First Leech by NotACrapWasGiven First Leech :iconnotacrapwasgiven:NotACrapWasGiven 0 0
My name
is Artemis.
But I prefer Art.
I like to be called Art
because Artemis sounds silly to shout.
There are forks
and spoons
on the table.
I cannot quite reach them
because I am sitting on the floor.
And besides
would be mad if I took them
no matter how bright
and shiny
they are.
Larry is my friend.
He watches me
and makes sure I don't
do anything dumb.
This is what Larry tells me.
I know things that Larry does not tell me.
I know the clock.
The clock can be loud if you listen
but quiet if you don't.
I know the book.
The book has a bright cover
with a lot of colors.
I like the cover of the book.
But it has no pictures inside.
I do not like the inside.
I know the refrigerator.
Larry thinks I cannot open it
but I can
open the fridge.
Larry is coming into the room.
He waves to me.
I wave back.
He asks
am I okay?
Yes, silly,
I tell him.
Then why am I on the floor?
Because I didn't
want to sit on the chair. And can
I have a spoon?
No, I can't.
I frown at
frowns at me.
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Lrod Volsemort by NotACrapWasGiven Lrod Volsemort :iconnotacrapwasgiven:NotACrapWasGiven 0 2
A/n: MUHAHAHAHAA! Carson is boreded and is making story wiff gay love!
I tap the end of my pen against the table.
"Bristol, will you stop that?" asks Gail, irritably.
"No." I continue tapping.
Gail is one of my best friends, but I guess we really get on each other's nerves.
"Seriously!" Gail grabs the pen.
I glare at him. He seems unaffected by my agnryfaic, so I sit there silently for a few minutes, brooding over my grape juice.
"You're such a girl," said Gail.
"Shut up."
More silence.
"How's your girlfriend?" I ask, because I feel obligated.
"She's not. Dumped her," Gail replies stiffly.
"'Course you did," I say.
"Shut up," he says, but he isn't denying it.
"What did she say?" I ask. I'm always interested in how things are done, in case I ever get into a relationship.
Gail glares at me. "Do you have to do that?"
"Fine. Okay, first she was acting weird all night. Wouldn't go close to me. Finally, she just pulls me aside and says 'Gail, I've noticed s
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Harry Potter and the Scary Sue
A/n: I'm bored. And, I changed the OC's name a little. I don't like using bad spelling and grammar! Maybe I'll try it in Chapter Two...
Hello, my name is Neko Kawaii Desu Sparkle Diamond Glimmer Moonlight Strawberry DeLaPointe, but my friends call me Neko-Strawberry. I'm a student at a school called Hogwarts. I'm in Gryffindor. I have long, flowing, cascading, shining heliotrope hair. I have sparkling, glittering, glimmering, shining, glistening, iridescent, effervescent, illuminating, shimmering eyes that change color with my mood but are normally emerald green. I have porcelain skin. I'm fourteen, but I look like I'm older because I'm tall and curvy, but still really thin. I'm a cat-person, the only one left. My parents were murdered when I was five, right in front of me, because cat-people have special powers that witches and wizards don't have. Other people describe me as cute, funny, sweet, caring, loving, wonderful, amazing, sexy, and beautiful.
One day, I was walking around
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Daddy Carson
I'm stupid.
pls delete all history of my existence thx


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